Sindh is not a Colony

Sindh is not a Colony

We are for peace, but we accept the challenge of the enemy. We will protect our motherland. ـــ Petro Poroshenko

InshaAllah we will fight for the rights of our land till our last breath. Sindh is treated exactly as colony by Pakistan as India was an English colony. How long this will continue? Empires faced declines, insults, shamelessness & dismantled. Dark night can never be far away from Dawn. Everything is colonised in Sindh! Sea, river, land, mountains, lakes, coal, oil, gas, cities & many more. Only way to get rid of outsiders’ influence is real people’s politics in Sindh. For people’s politics, first ditch PPP in Sindh with public power.

Sindh is one and will always be one. Every enemy of sindh they are enemy of country. whose want separate sindh, they go away from sindh. Sindh is only for sindh lovers. On this day, 4 Sept 1945, Muhammad Ali Jinnah appealed to people (specially Sindhi Muslims) that as they are entrance of Muslims in India so they would join Muslim Leaque in Sindh Legislative Assembly for the creation of Flag of Pakistan. Sindhis are founder of Pakistan.

Sindh is the richest province in natural resources of gas, petrol, and coal contributing more than 70 % of gas, also in agriculture at the top so keep in mind Sindh is civilisation and we will not let any one to ruin it. In 1900 Karachi’s Look, It is reflecting the civilisation, Culture & attitude of Sindhi Nation, If anyone is claiming that Karachi city is made by us its wrong. My ancestors made Karachi but you destroy it.

As most of Pakistan’s large multinational corporations are based in Karachi, income taxes are paid in the city even though income may be generated from other parts of the country. Sindh is one of the world oldest civilization, and keeps a rich cultural and traditional of thousands years. The Global FDI Intelligence Report 2017/2018 published by Financial Times ranks Karachi amongst the top 10 Asia pacific cities of the future for FDI strategy.

𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗵 has more natural resources than any other place in Pakistan such as oil, gas and coal. The income from these reserves should be spent only on the people of Sindh and not on Pakistan. When we reject our origins, we end up having identity crisis. Absence of politics for motherland disconnects us from our roots of nation. A person can’t be named as ‘conscious being’ if one doesn’t trace back its three thousands years history at least.

Karachi is city of Sindh, people who are from other provinces live their cause of earning purpose, it doesn’t mean Karachi isn’t Sindh. This is the second time after Musharraf that the people of Karachi have given their full support to the army and welcomed the new policies. Karachi is not the domain of Sindhis. And every Pakistani wants to see a brighter Karachi now and forever, as Karachi is the center of Pakistan.

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