Who is Sajid Gondal and What Has He Done?

Who is Sajid Gondal and What Has He Done?

Who is Sajid Gondal and What Has He Done? This is the mysterious question which is being asked in hushed voices all over Islamabad right now.. Joint Director SECP Sajid Gondal (Ex Reporter Dawn) has been abducted by unknown men. The unknown men kidnapped Sajid Gondal the joint director of SECP along with his son and parked his car in front of National Agriculture Research Council.

One wonders where is the government and where is the writ of law. What police is doing why cannot we have a safe plaCe to live. But having said that, its not fair to blame everything on the security agencies as it could be anyone. It could be personal animosity or family dispute. It could be that it’s a result of some confusion and misunderstanding and let’s wait for the things to clear up before jumping on some conclusions and starting the blame game.

One of the official of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Sajid Gondal, has been abducted from Islamabad. From politics to journalism to the economy, everything is now considered part of national confusion. This madness cannot be sustainable for too long. One wonders who is safe in this country and who is not. Abductions of citizens have become a norm even in the capital Islamabad which is considered largely safe.

One hopes that the government of Pakistan is helping Sajid Gondal’s family and working hard to retrieve him. For safe recovery of Gondal and highest punishment to criminals, we have to trust our security organizations instead of falling for the media trials. People need a clear and truthful account of events, so that they may form their own opinion and offer their own comments and viewpoints on such matters and issues and select their future course of action.

In Pakistan, things are very different and media is just open ended. Media has wide ranging roles in the society. Media plays a vital role in molding the opinion of the society and it is capable of changing the whole viewpoint through which people perceive various events. But its opposite in the motherland where media persons and other anchors have no accountability at all and they can say whatever they want on screen and on the social media.

One hopes that sanity prevails.

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