Real Story Behind Yasir Hussain Garbage Statement

Real Story Behind Yasir Hussain Garbage Statement

The real story behind Yasir Hussain garbage statement against ertugrul stars where he calls them international garbage is that Yasir is jealous and envious and is burning in the fire of resentment. His life is miserable due to this despite of his little found success. It’s nothing more than that. The social media is abuzz with this jealousy and this makes him more angry and vulnerable. I think we should feel sorry for him.

Everything is temporary but Yasir’s knack of getting thrashed at social media is permanent. He always finds a reason to be remain in insult’s way and on the wrong side of fence. May be that is his way of remaining in the limelight. Garbage statement about some other actors and dramas of international stature is funny and unfair at the same time because it’s coming from a chap who is an utter failure so far in Pakistani drama industry.

I am afraid not many know who Mr. Yasir Hussain is, I have never heard of him, but I am not a good benchmark as I don’t know much about movies; but I guess he is certainly not as big a character that can rubbish Ertugrul cast. All you have to do is read “Yasir Hussain and garbage” and the sentence will complete for you. With this statement Yasir Hussain proved that he is getting roasted.

At this point I want to write Yasir Hussain an open letter to remind him of the tasteless jokes he’s made repeatedly and the trash shows he’s done. The guy needs to know he’s not that relevant. Turkish content or not, he can’t act. A literal piece of trash is what his work is. It’s as straight forward and candid as that. ‘Let’s just gently remind Yasir that no one is kachra,’ Anoushey Ashraf said in response, and we totally agree with that.

The most insecure dude in Pakistani industry, have some guts and accept that you guys are incapable of producing quality work. Instead of doing self-improvement and self analysis, doing this in the face of criticism is totally uncalled for. Iqra Aziz should put some sense into him. Why does he always have to come up with these dimwit ideas to garner attention? That too for a few minutes trend on social media?

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