Klasara Versus Azaz ; Real Story

Klasara Versus Azaz

Klasara Versus Azaz war of social media and words is raging on as both are tweeting against each other and there are two camps now. One camp is producing copious amounts of evidence against Klasra for his alleged corruption in getting a plot, whereas the other camp is simply bashing Azaz on social media.

One of the hardest things in life is to be perpetually inquisitive (the basis of every scholarship) and yet be opinionated (the basis of every leadership). Followers and crowds often demand summaries (bad) and leaders that are scholarly refuse (good for them, bad for leadership). It’s not easy to do journalism in Pakistan, rather if done rights it’s probably the hardest profession in the land of pure where anything happen anytime to anyone anywhere.

Both Azaz Syed and Ahmad Noorani are the best investigative reporters in Pakistan’s media industry. Azaz Syed also tried his hands on column writing but he miserably failed as clearly that is not his forte so I believe beat reporting is what he does best and also the television one. But he is no intellectual and we all know about it. I also believe Rauf Klasara has short temper and he needs to broaden his heart and make sure that he fairly treat everyone.

I would really say here that journalists shouldn’t become a party and don’t take things personally. They must try to act professionally. People look up to them for news and views. These journos are now in the eyes of everyone and their every action is analyzed and measured. When they start calling each other names in public , then it puts a bad name to all the parties involved and the whole journalism profession gets a bad rap.

Klasara says that he is senior so he should act like a senior. He should either just ignore things he doesn’t like and let them go or he should sort them out with Azaz Syed in private. Washing the dirty laundry in public would not solve anything. People will only laugh and make fun of both of them. There was a time when I did not like Azaz Syed due to harsh tone but now I feel that he is only one of few who are left with consciousness and freewill to talk their mind and soul. No matter who likes or dislikes, only the men with consciousness prevails. Rest just rot in their desires.

Anyway, one can only hope that sanity prevails.

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