Open All Schools and Classes in Pakistan

Open All Schools and Classes in Pakistan

22.5 million children are out of schools in Pakistan, Covid has added 50 million more children into the pool, Pakistan can not afford to increase this number. That is why open all schools and classes in Pakistan is the need of hour. Education for all and free now is the key. Today the 64% population of Pakistan ask for this.

Online education makes teachers irrelevant As a consequence, the teacher becomes irrelevant in the new scheme of things. A text or topic that usually takes several sessions of discussion in a classroom will be dealt with in the online mode using the minimum time. And the whole orientation of teaching and learning is likely to be around the examinations and their grading. This is the future of Pakistan.

The teaching-learning exercise that takes place in the classroom is only one part of the totality of education. Much of the rest is provided by the social life on the campus. World is under Educational Emergency, developing countries have opened schools worldwide. Pakistan is unfortunately world’s worst country in Education (2015 Oslo Submit) opening of schools and all classes is the only way.

Home isn’t necessarily the same for everyone All households are not alike. There are many young people with no facility whatsoever at their homes and in some cases. Exposing one’s background is not necessarily a welcome proposition for all. The foundation to a good economy is Production, which relies to a large extent on Education/Skills, Resources (oil, gas, minerals) and availability of basic Utilities (electricity, gas, water).

We are the nation who has nothing except Education. Open my School is the ask of every kid. Article 25A of the constitution speaks loud that it is the responsibility of the government to provide education to its citizens, private sector in Pakistan is taking this responsibility, Private Sector should be rewarded not under closure since 6 months. Online education is fine as long as it remains a supplementary tool for the classroom engagement on a vibrant campus. In unavoidable circumstances, it can even be a substitute. Online education should never be allowed to replace the real learning.

In the information age, the teacher is no longer the only source of knowledge.But the experience and human interaction that a teacher offers is invaluable. The online education does not encourage a multiplicity of perspectives, subtleties, deliberations, or arguments. This is dangerous and reduces education to a mere utilitarian and technical engagement. Digital divide or technological inequality is a reality, especially between the urban and rural areas.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” –
Nelson Mandela

“A man’s mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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