List of Nauman Ejaz Girlfriends

List of Nauman Ejaz Girlfriends

Ishq of Nauman Ejaz is the talk of town as playboy of Pakistani TV screens openly admits that he often indulges in affairs with women and his wife never finds out and neither the husband of his mistresses. Nauman has said that on the national television with Iffat Rahim on her program. Nauman says that it was taken out of context and it was just at spur of the moment and he didn’t mean it. People aren’t buying it. List of Nauman Ejaz Girlfriends is long.

So are we ditching Nauman Ejaz now? But for me, I want to cancel Iffat Omar as well for awfully laughing at tales of cheating & dishonesty by a man. think it was a badly timed joke at a wrong place. Frankly I am not very outraged neither at her nor at Nauman Ejaz. He too was obviously goofing around. Poeple at mid age became less inhibited while talking about their feelings ( not that I approve it but can understand them.

Nauman Ejaz: I’m a great actor, my wife can’t catch Ive feelings for other women. Also Nauman Ejaz: I’m a very stupid man because I just exposed myself on TV. Iffat Umar: hahaha I need to learn this from you. Nauman Ejaz is the face of many Pakistani men who believe everything is acceptable as long as it’s them who are doing it and when women talk about safeguarding their respect, dignity and rights, it becomes a “ fahaaash “ demand caused by “ deen se doori”.

Nauman Ejaz has no grounding to host any talk show that aspires moral and religious correctness after his latest public comments on the art of acting your way in and out of extramarital affairs. This is why I say our society is unfairly biased towards women. You make the vid about nauman ejaz go viral but choose to ignore this.
Why? Cause objectifying men is cute? No, it’s not.

Nauman Ejaz should pay heed: “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”. The pride with which he states he regularly cheats on his wife with married women is despicable. His take on #MeToo is lacking in understanding & nuance as well. Can someone please explain what it is that Iffat Omer wants to learn from Nauman Ejaz? How to cheat on your spouse effectively?

I am wondering what their reaction would be if their spouse also confesses about playing the field?? Poor Ms Rabia Nauman Ejaz and Mr Omar. Yikes! Men and women both in a nutshell of this showbiz world… I literally don’t get it why blame is only on nauman ejaz? He clearly stated that he has pyar Mohabat with married ladies while Thier husbands don’t know about it. You believe or not Nauman Ejaz has one of the finest Pak has produced and He damns care what anyone says about him.


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