Real Story Behind Motorway Rape Incident in Pakistan

Real Story Behind Motorway Rape Incident in Pakistan

This is the real story behind motorway rape incident in Pakistan where a lady was abused in front of her family by 2 men. The woman, a resident of Gujranwala, was on her way back to the city from Lahore’s Ring Road at 01:30AM on Tuesday night, when her car ran out of petrol near Gujjarpura. The whole country is shuddering with anger and shame as the facts about this story unfold with every minute. Following is the update on this gruesome motorway incident by IG Punjab Inam Ghani:

▪ Village of culprits has been identified
▪ Extensive search operation going on
▪ 12 suspects arrested already
▪ Using modern/traditional techniques

While all this happens, the response from PTI government both at provincial and federal level is abhorrent to say the least. Shiren Mazari is the worst thing that happened to pakistan. Pakistan should abolish human rights ministery. It’s good for nothing. Other ministers are also clueless as what happened and they are least interested in nabbing the culprits while the country smoulders in anger.

It’s depressing. I swear it’s depressing. It is making me sick to my stomach. The whole episode is so depressing. I am a female and I was born with the right of safety and security, so where is it? Who is going to protect us? The system needs to go after every single abuser and punish them publicly so nobody even dares to think of it again. In a country like Pakistan your safety is your own responsibility. Dont wait for the Police, just take the action. Self defence is farz like namaz roza here.

It’s because of this like literally this pushing women to go on streets and demand respect, safety and other basic rights, It’s really disgusting and horrific. Please talk about this ? The same way you criticise women on there clothes choices? In this country women can’t walk without getting catcalled, can’t work without being harassed, can’t travel without being raped. This country only belongs to men.

Is there any rule and law in our Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Where are the all authorities? This barbaric incident will haunt people for a long time. Arrest and hang the culprits to let people know that they and their families are safe. Day by day, this country is becoming a living hell for women. I request all women of my country to not go alone. Please don’t risk your safety in the name of freedom and positivity. There are monsters out there.

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