Who is Abid Ali and His History

Who is Abid Ali and His History

So who is Abid Ali and his history. If you want to summarize him in few lines and this is his profile:

Abid Ali
Year: 2013
Crime: 7 cases (2 rape charges)
Verdict: Roaming freely

Abid Ali has two gang r@pe cases against him already yet he was allowed to roam the streets. All judges who allowed his release should be suspended and sent home. The whole insaf structure needs to be overhauled and people be given quick justice. Abid Ali has 7 criminal cases registered against him between 2013-2017 including 2 gang r@pes. Waqar Al Hassan has 2 robbery cases registered against him & came out on bail 14 days ago.

The culprits of the #moterwayincident have been identified through DNA sampling, their names are Abid Ali and Waqar Ul hassan. Pakistan these are photos of pure evil. Spread these images as far as possible. If you spot them call 15 & report. Make sure they have no place left to hide in Pakistan. 37 year old Waqarul Hasan and 27 year old Abid Ali are the two suspects wanted by Punjab police in the motorway rape case.

Rather pat isn’t it? I’m not buying I Hope someone credible and competent steps in to defend Abid Ali as a result of which proceedings are conducted on the basis of credible evidence. We want to make sure Abid Ali is not the fall guy and the actual criminals get away. IG Punjab Inam Ghani in presser with the CM Punjab and Law Minister Punjab says two suspects whose DNA has been matched have not been arrested as yet. One of them, Abid Ali escaped with his wife during a raid.

I wonder why and how this monster has not been convicted against those crimes? Do you think that it is need of time to pass Gun Laws like US in Pakistan as well so that citizens could possess guns to protect themselves since state has failed to do the same? Massive protest held in Lahore in the aftermath of the #motorwaycase. Protestors demanded swift justice for the victim of the motorway incident and bashed the CCPOLahore for his insensitive remarks in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Statistics of some of most safe considered countries in the world. Its not the problem of Pak but the rest of the world.People are talking about women independence in Pak that they are not safe to go alone anywhere. IG Punjab says CCPO Umer Shiekh has been sent a show-cause notice on his comments and legal action will be taken after his response, but that’s not the solution for this growing problem.


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