Ye Company Nahi Chalay Gi PDF Online Free

Ye Company Nahi Chalay Gi PDF Online Free

Ye Company Nahi Chalay Gi PDF Online Free is available to download here very soon and you need to bookmark it before. Sagar Publications has published it and most of the physical and paper copies have been confiscated and this book has been sort of banned in Pakistan. The cost was Rs. 1400.

Congratulations Suhail Warraich sb for your New Book, The tile is very interesting. Hopefully the book will also contain very important analysis and information. Then Imran Khan sb should file a case in the court and should be proved wrong. It seems that Sohail Warraich has touched some taboo topics in Pakistan and people in power are not liking that. We all know that the PTI has short temper and they don’t like criticism so they have started banning this book.

Can a PDF copy of Sohail Warraich’s book be obtained with his permission? So read what is trying to hide. Sohail Warraich’s tweet was deleted? I have heard that all the copies of his book have been confiscated by raiding the publisher. These are probably the columns that have been published in the newspaper. The object will be on the title. He also wrote a column on the same topic on June 22, 2019 – he is also an expert singer of the court. Half-truths are far more deadly and stinking than the worst lies.

In Pakistan, even their own children are not happy with the people of character, so you have to take everything with grain of salt. Another problem with books in Pakistan by journalists is that you cannot distinguish truth and lies. Nothing is pure and clear truth here as everyone works for someone and everyone has some ulterior motive or agenda. People like this Warraich cannot be trusted really because they have been pandering various different lines in the past.

Heard all the copies were picked up last night – a stunt to promote the book while this guy’s whole career is just a tired program based on everything – we had already said that this book will not run if this company does not run. Regardless of this book, which I really don’t care about as I don’t trust the writer, I think this is just a sham and a publicity stunt. I won’t be spending my hard earned money on this book as this is just load of lies.

When the temples and mosques were scattered
All the shudras of my city became Syed overnight
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10 Comments on "Ye Company Nahi Chalay Gi PDF Online Free"

  1. Abbas Ali Jauhar | September 16, 2020 at 4:37 am | Reply

    Did bad by banning a bbook

  2. Pl ya book pdf file sent kr dyn

  3. I am excited to lay my hands on it and discuss it with friends and acquaintances. Hope it holds as much insight as “Military Inc” by ayesha siddiqa.

  4. AA
    Justice for Humans
    I want to read ( Read, read & read ) a God ‘s message
    to Humans ( God’s Creativity = Human ).
    Facts are for progress and guidance for Humanity.

  5. Sibghat ur Rehman Bhatti | September 21, 2020 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    May i have a pdf copy of the book, please.

  6. Warraich sb
    WhatsApp number pay share kr dain

  7. Kisi ke pass ye Kitab pdf mein Wo bhejii

  8. My WhatsApp number 033393662. Please share the PDF copy of this book

  9. My WhatsApp number 0346620021.Please share the PDF copy of this book

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