Rehana Gul KP’s First Blind Female RJ

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KP’s first blind female RJ, Rehana Gul from Mardan sent to boarding when 5 years old and then sent to Islamabad for higher education. She presents a show on FM 92.2. She shares her story in a lucid way.

Just listen to her style of opening her show in Pushto, and you will be mesmerized. Her voice quality and tonal characteristics are simply out of this world. Her confidence and charming tones are to die for. She has made herself a favorite in a very short span of time coming from such a humble background and shows a lot about her mettle. She has set an example for everyone out there.

She aptly suggests government in KP and also in Islamabad to build more facilities for special people. From where it started to where it has come today, Rehana is simply a beacon to follow. She is such an inspiring girl, so so proud of my Pushtoon daughter, Kudus to you and May Allah bless you with great prosperity. Courageous lady, she is really a trendsetter and a motivation for the rest of the lot.

JazakAllah for being the voice of voiceless people. What an amazing achievement. In this day and age a country cannot prosper without Human development. Mardan being 400,000 without one, She is so right in asking government to have at least one learning center in the entire division. Great job khorai. You are the heartthrob of everyone around KP and throughout Pakistan. We wish you all the good things in life.

An inspirational story of Rehana Gul, “a prolific presenter”, with “perfect voice, delivery and clarity,” who has attained the position of first blind radio presenter in Pakistan’s KP province after clearing so many hurdles. Rehana Gul is a 27-year-old blind radio presenter who lives in Peshawar, and uses her show to raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities. Rehana Gul the first ever blind radio presenter at FM 92.2 Pakhtunkhwa, glad to finally have a platform to highlight the problems faced by Pakistanis who were not fully sighted or able-bodied.

“Society is patriarchal & less educated about women and disabled persons’ rights but nothing deterred me,” said Rehana Gul the first ever blind radio presenter in Pakistan.

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