What Nida Yasir Has Done?

What Nida Yasir Has Done now

What Nida Yasir has done now? ARY Digital’s Morning Show host Nida Yasir invited the parents of a 5 year old r*pe and m*urder victim on her show and asked them extremely insensitive questions, making the mother cry and the father barely able to speak. Nida Yasir, host of ‘Good morning Pakistan’, in her disgusting appetite for ratings called parents of Marwah & went on to ask merciless questions, reliving the pain & agony of parents.

It’s quite fair to say that shame on Nida Yasir who is investigating merciless parents of murdered innocent girl. She is also a mother how can she asks such questions with the parents. I can feel their grief they are innocent people they don’t know how to handle people like Nida Yasir. Insulting the family of victim, who is already traumatised, by asking such absurd questions, just for rating? Totally unacceptable behaviour. It’s time that we do something about these senseless morning shows.

Nida Yasir always, always crosses her limits but this time, she’s done a crime and the world should know that and speak against it. It’s supposed to be an entertainment morning show. But she has made it like some sort of police station. Digging out facts and details about gruesome case of a minor on a live morning show while making poor parents of the victim go through discomfort and agonizing pain by asking sensitive questions to them is a crime in itself.

We have no moral values left in our society.Means How insensitive she was inviting victims parents & using them for TRP. This Ban Nida Yasir thingie is not a solution but need to change such mindset. please don’t use victims for ur own benefits. Nida Yasir is notoriously cheap.I think it’s enough to describe her.Even this is not first time she did this in many Episodes of GMP as I have watched many clips in which she taunted others.

It’s about time now. Enough of this stupidity. All you guys want is to increase your show ratings you have no empathy left you are shameless and disrespectful. These morning show hosts would do anything for the precious ratings. We need to get rid of the filth and negativity they are spreading by humiliating innocent people. These people can stoop low to any level possible for these TRPs.

This is what happens when you use your social media for right purposes. Together we all can make this world a better place by raising this issue of Nida Yasir. Raise complaints about her. Complaints can also be registered on the Pakistan Citizens Portal App! This is applicable for 18+ citizens with a CNIC only. How someone takes advantage of misery of poor parents who’s child traumatized? Just think that and raise your voice.

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