Real Story of Saima Parveen and Hina Kanwal

Real Story of Saima Parveen and Hina Kanwal

Here is the real story of Saima Parveen and Hina Kanwal and what happened between them and than afterwards in Karachi company. Justice for Saima demand is legit and spot on but we need to know the facts and also not jump to the conclusion before we hear the story from both sides. Saima Parveen and Hina Kanwal were known to each other, and it wasn’t a mere coincidence that they just met overnight and all this started happening out of nowhere.

This is not victim bashing and this is not some sort of liberal agenda. I know that the emotions and feelings are running high these days in Pakistan after that motorway incident but then we must not color our judgement in this matter or any other for that matter. Justice should follow and law should take its due course. Yes, it’s hard to trust the police and the justice system is flawed but what other options do we have in this land of pure?

Is this riyasat-e- madina, they all talk about? Astaghfirullah What is happening?? These Guys aren’t afraid of Allah almighty. Saima in search of a job went to Karachi company Islamabad on request of her friend Hina Kanwal. But got harassed and abused on gun point. Police is forcing her to sign consent papers or they’ll dismiss the FIR. Please help victim and take notice. In Karachi Company, G-9, Islamabad this happened which is right in the heart of Pakistani capital.

Another day, another case, another hashtag, another cry for justice, another attempt by the govt to appease the national sentiment and repeat! will this cycle ever break? Another day another story. We need to take strict actions against the culprits. we want the same punishment for Hina Kanwal as well as she was fully involved in this incident. Saima was abused and killed in Larkana also. Are we living in Islamic republic of Pakistan or in Raipistan. These guy’s aren’t affraid of Allah.

What is going on in our Islamic country. Shame on those type of peoples who blaming womens for harassment. Soon everyone will be punished and we will be the one who get punished first, who don’t rise their voices for these inhuman, brutal accidents. One Saima is in Larkana and the other one in Islambaad. The Saima in Islambaad case is bit different as she was an adult and knew the Hina and went there through a reference.

Saima only wanted to get a job but got abused while looking for it. She just wanted to take care of her family and all she wanted to do was to progress her career which was her birth right. Already it was too hard for her to survive in this hapless and cruel world and then this gruesome act happened. Everyday there’s a new abuse case. Every day. Please use this forum to raise your voice because police is forcing her to sign consent papers. The rapist is influential.




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