Who is Faisal Mugheri?

Who is Faisal Mugheri

So who is Faisal Mugheri and what has he done or what has happened to him? These are the questions which are being asked and so far there is no answer. It seems like the matter of some familial enmity but it could be a larger thing as emotions are running high and wild and the matter is quite sensitive w.r.t Faisal Mugheri.

Tragic death of Faisal Khan Mugheri must be investigated by law enforcement officials, as he always informed his friendsfor lofe threats given by his close relatives. A young and very handsome individual named Faisal Khan Mugheri lost his life a week ago. His family originally claimed he had a heart attack. But a few days ago Faisal told a number of his friends that if he suddenly died or committed suicide.

Faisal Khan Mugheri was the brave son of Jacobabad Sindh. His mysterious death should be investigated. Everyone is demanding justice for Faisal Mugheri. Allegedly, as per close friends of Faisal Mugheri, the deceased did not die a natural death but was murdered instead. A gentle, kind-hearted, ‘sakhi’ and helpful Faisal Khan Mugheri left this world, after initial reports of a cardiac arrest. However, it seems there is more to than what meets the eye in this particular case.

A well known personality of Jacobabad left the city in tears by his sudden demise. Deceased was a kind heart & pure soul to be remembered, had been helping hundreds of families and He was murdered in Is on house 12 September. We demand free and fair inquiry of Faisal mugheri murder case. We believe that it was not a natural death but a planned murder. Few days ago, a prominent figure of Jacobabad Faisal Khan Mugheri suddenly died which many believe was planned murder and People of District Jacobabad are requesting for his postmortem as soon as possible to reveal the truth.

Yes, the case of Shahzeb Khan always comes in my mind, where the deceased’s social circle and close friends helped in getting him justice. Hope so faisal mugheri will get justice soon INSHA ALLAH. Faisal Mugheri lost his life a week back. Initially his family stated he had a heart attack. But Faisal told a number of his friends a few days ago that if he died suddenly or ‘committed suicide’ — to check it up good.

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