Kinnaird College Jobs

Kinnaird College Jobs

Kinnaird college jobs are in high demand both for girls and boys. The career prospects are good and so are the progress chances. The salary package is of premium quality and so are the perks and privileges. But there are some issues too.

You know what is exhausting? THIS! Fact that there are institutes like Kinnaird College who missed the memo that this is #2020 & women can serve on all posts they have specified for ONLY MALE candidates! To think this is a college from where so many pioneering women passed out. Are you wasting your time enabling women? They are just good to be office assistants eh? Or is just the sham as being asked on the social media by Afia Salam.

The only “female only” position is of the office assistant. Talk about reinforcing stereotypes. Not sure about other posts, but usually admin officers have to do a lot of leg work, coordinating with vendors, procurement, meeting all sorts of weirdos and going to markets etc. No sense of timings either, bike/driving intensive. Women usually don’t go for such useless and menial jobs. It is a matter of choice … That is how exclusion is put in place on assumption that they won’t go for it.. remove the exclusion .. then appoint a male if they are only ones who apply & are qualified. That is what my gripe is about.

As far as I know they tried for a female admin officer, it didn’t work out. Know of a few other places where they tried to get female admin officers but they either couldn’t find proper candidates or they left soon after. The rest are absolutely questionable. The job ad of Kinnaird college is questionable. They found ones that were a bad fit? So many organizations get men who are a bad fit. How many of them subsequently advertise ‘female only’ positions.

Not saying the ad is appropriate. Just mentioned why they may have asked for a male for the post of admin. Of course they can open it up, but they probably don’t see any merit in that exercise. Doesn’t make it right though. That is my point. They have a right to choose whomever they feel will be appropriate. But not the right to restrict. Probably not their first rodeo haha! Saying as a former student who had to deal with the admin folks.

What about Women quota in FPSC & PPSC jobs? They even compete on open merit. This is truly exhausting and unacceptable situation. Infuriating to say the least. Not that it has to be restricted, but a college for “women only” and and having such high repute doing this. This is beyond Ironic. So many pioneering progressive women have come out of there. That’s very bizarre. I hope KC can look over this and correction can be made.

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