History of Pashtun Culture Day

History of Pashtun Culture Day

On this Pashtun culture Day, we come-up with our ancestral cultural civility to counter the intentional narratives of Pashtun racial discrimination and profiling. Pashtuns desire a peaceful harmonious life on their motherland.

This is not just another day. This is yet another chance to make our dreams come true. We love our motherland, people and life, we are Pashtuns. Elphinstone wrote, “The Pathans are fond of liberty, faithful to their friends, kind to their dependents, hospitable, brave, hardy, frugal, laborious and prudent”. We are Defender of our land, we are defenders of our dignity and we are defenders of our culture.

Happy Pashtun culture day to every Pukhtoon. Pashto is our pride. We Pakhtoons are the United in one Pakistan. United we stand DIVIDE we fall. To the most celebrated ethnicity of Pakistan. Happy Pashtun Culture Day. Congratulations to all Pashtoons around the globe. “With love you could persuade a pathan to go to Hell,but by force you couldn’t even take him to Heaven”, Context from book “The Hunt For Kohinoor”.

This code may date back to at least the second century B.C.E., although undoubtedly it has undergone some modifications in the past two thousand years. Some of the principles of Pashtunwali include hospitality, justice, courage, loyalty, and honoring women. We’re up and commemorate Pashtun Culture Day that we have enrich culture, history, heroes, languages, religious diversity, pro peace and love based thoughts based on pluralism, diversity and inclusion. We’re living in Balkh and Gandhara regions between Oxus and Indus.

Woman is a prestigious part of Pashtun society. She shall be entertained the same equal educational eco-socio-pol rights to come and represent our national question. Feel elegant belonging to Pashtun society with it’s rich literature, civilization, dialectic rational faculties, love and peacefulness.I own every thing I need and prey for peaceful. Paktuns are the men of swords and guns they are well known for their gallantry and hospitality.

Culture is the thing which defines your lifestyle. World Pashtun Culture Day will be celebrated with enthusiasm on September 23. Join the celebrations at Askari Park Quetta and promote Pashtun culture. Pashtun culture is more than just turban. Pashtun culture is about love and trust.Pashtun culture has Rabab not”Topak”We have Hujra, we have Attan. Pashtun kuchi’s represents pashtun culture,where men and women are treated equally,they work together.

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