Should I Proud To Be An Insafian?

Proud To Be An Insafian

Sometimes I wonder, I really wonder and ask my self some introspective questions about my affiliations as Should I Proud To Be An Insafian? The answer used to be straight forward couple of years back but now I have to stop, pause, think hard to get an affirmative answer. What happened?

PM Imran Khan led PTI Govt inherited a whopping Current Account Deficit of $20 billion from it’s predecessors. Today Current Account Balance turned into a surplus for the past two months @ $ 805 million in July, Aug 2020. Why I voted to Imran Khan and why I will vote to him again because he never compromises on Corruption,Deal & NRO & he is a deadly honest Prime Minister. Do I need another reason? I reckon yes I do.

Youth always supported Imran Khan, but now after looking at Opposition united for their personal gains, every Insafian feel proud that he/she stood on Khan’s side which is actually Pakistan’s side. Everyone is with Imran Khan who loves Pakistan. I am satisfied that I have given my country into the hands of a true and capable man. Life has many different chapters for us. One bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end of the book.

Islam has two simple propositions for a just society:
(i) place things in their rightful position and
(ii) give everyone their rightful due.

I have chosen the PTI to change the outdated system of the country, Hope will see a real change. Proud to be part of PTI family. Before 2011 I did not know much about politics neither was interested in it. It was all due to Imran Khan speeches and Jalsas that made me interested in politics just at the age of 11. Proud to be the supporter of PTI and Imran Khan as they are fighting against mafia and status quo which was ruling our country since decades and did nothing except building their empires through corruption.

Did you ever see he appointed his family members in a political or gov official seat did you ever see any corruption charges on him infact his opponents says he is an honest PM. First Prime Minister of Pakistan ever has actually promoted the soft image of Pakistan. He is promoting Pakistan as a developing, peace loving, progressive nation. Be with someone who knows exactly what they have when they have you. Not someone who realize it after they’ve lost you.

Be an insafian be pride.

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