Who is Lahori Girl Nimra?

Lahori Girl Nimra

The Lahori girl Nimra is back. What a cutie. She recites Ayat ul kursi & blows it on city 42 wali Nimra. May Allah keep her away from all the evil eyes, ameen. Social Media Sensation ‘Nimra Excitement’ exclusive interview is here. Young girl Nimra Ali’s video breaks the internet.

I hope nimra ali cutie is having a good day. Don’t underestimate the power of popho ki daughter. Nimra is such a cute little fur ball. I want to be Nimra Ali but I am the cousin next to her cousin Saira. The unstoppable Nimra once again with Yasir Shami in Daily Pakistan. This is Nimra, from the happy-dappy wholesome video with her cousin last week. She is very innocent and is very talented. This is very refreshing for the Pakistan.

Whenever I look at Nimra ali, i feel how supportive her mom would be. In that age I was battling so many things, probably locked in my room starving and reading books under my bed crying because wasn’t allowed to talk to or keep friends. I’ll raise my daughter as happy as Nimra. Nimra will be the first who lost her charm and cuteness in just a day, thanks to our sensational media. They need to review strategies.

Nimra’s first video was natural and we all enjoyed. But now all these tv channles will call her staged shows now thats cringe. And suddenly people will start disliking would troll her. She shouldnt be part of this crappy media. If Nimra started a podcast I’d subscribe. By seeing the most viral videos on paki media one can absolutely have the idea k entertainment k mamlay main hmara standard kitna gir gya hai.someone is acting weird and boom! u are viral.Phir wo over nimra ho ya badtameez Ahmed.

Someone please take my everything and get me happiness like “Nimra”, for only 1 day. She is the most happiest girl i have ever seen in my life, her talks, her smile, her attitude, you are a real Gem sister. Stop spreading hate on her , a happy lively girl like her is rare now sarey rooneh he leke bethy hai. Nimra has to be the only good thing about 2020 so far. Once upon a time i was happy and excited like Nimra , Than i opted C.A

Watched that Nimra video yesterday, so energetic and full of life.Was reading comments under it. Many wrote, shes so happy because she’s unmarried. “Shadi ho gi to dekhen ge”.. made me wonder, its an accepted reality in our society that marriage sucks happiness out of young girls. I woke up and watched Nimra’s video again. It is mesmerising to see someone so purely happy. This is life of Pakistan.

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