Coronavirus in Pakistani Schools Latest Status

corona in pakistani schools

Coronavirus in Pakistani Schools Latest Status is available here as the number of unreported cases are rising in students and the teachers. It is high time that government and its health departments rise up to the occasion and make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand.

Pakistani government has issued latest COVID-19 advice for parents and guardians of children attending Pakistani schools and childcare centres. You need to clearly understand what school activities can operate, hygiene in classrooms and school grounds and how to stay safe. Parents and teachers also need to up their game and be vigilant in all sort of circumstances as danger is still out there and its not over.

Information for all students, apprentices and trainees on revised course and training arrangements, staying safe and support services available to help you, but there is still lots of confusion as how to get this information. Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Pakistan is opening them and may be bit too early.

It’s not wise to open schools at this stage when corona cases are increasing once again in Sind says Dr Azra Pechuho. So a lot of students want that CAIE Oct/Nov 2020 exams should b cancelled. Many students couldn’t prepare because online classes didn’t help due to poor connectivity n they didn’t have prior experience of distant learning. It would b better if candidates are awarded grades based on the past performance.

it is very difficult to manage for parents of toddlers who have to pick and drop children at different times. Public transport or shared school vans can not be trusted at all to follow SOPs. Ventilation systems in schools do not have fresh air provision which is disastrous. 2nd wave could be more dangerous all around the world ; in Pakistan putting kids and teachers other staff is At risk & can bring more damage and Most of us also Don’t Follow the SOPs as well. Covid has changed this beautiful world already.

To be honest, Corona’s second wave is already in Pakistan and most European institutes are focusing on the online education system for at least next 5 months. If u have kids u would be of different opinion and schools are opening everywhere so I guess should be OK as long as strict guidelines are in place. COVID19 cases are increasing day by day but govt is neglecting and claiming covid has reduced.Its quite strange Pakistan imposed lock down when there were few cases and now when its increasing they have opened everything.Govt do not care for ones precious life.


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