امت کا ترجمان عمران

The political worldview of the middle and upper classes — whether it’s the politics of personal expression and individual rights, moral outrage against corruption, or the outspoken embrace of tradition. The Prime Minister voiced deep concern over rising religious hatred, increased nationalism and worsening global tensions, factors that have accentuated ‘Islamophobia’, resulting in attacks against Muslims in many countries.

The current session, which is the 75th session, is unique in the world body’s history with leaders not attending in person and other meetings being held online. I call upon this assembly to work upon international legislation to curb the blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. What kind of a mindset locks up 8 million people? Women, children, sick people. What I know of the west, they wouldn’t stand for 8 million animals to be locked up. These are humans.

A great and a charismatic leader the world has ever seen. I pray to Almighty Allah for his long life and continued supremacy as a great world leader. Civilian-military relations have long been a topic of fascination for foreign audiences, and have often been used as an analytical device, to undermine the validity and strength of whoever is speaking for the country at any givens time. He rise the voice for pakistan rights in front of world.

Attempts are being made to establish a Hindu state in India by eliminating the secular policies of Nehru and Indira Gandhi in an attempt to eradicate 200 million Muslims and other minorities. India has categorically told the international community that the scrapping of Article 370 was its internal matter. He rises the voice for kashmir in a different way by saying pakistan supports kahsmir in every situation.

When PM Imran Khan enters National Assembly, members of Opposition Parties walkout. When PM entered United Nations General Assembly via a video link, Indian representative walked out. They are scared of Imran Khan because he speaks the truth & exposes them. “Illicit financial flows lead to the impoverishment of developing nations. I call upon this Assembly to take the lead in building a global framework to stem illicit financial flows and ensure speedy repatriation of stolen wealth.”

Financial management problems which under developed countries are facing is also spoken by Pm in his speech. “In Pakistan, we realized very early on that if we imposed a strict lockdown, we would have more people dying of hunger than the virus. Therefore, we adopted a policy of ‘smart lockdown’ and concentrated on the virus hot-spots.” PM Khan adding that any kind of criticism or mocking of the prophet generates emotional pain amongst his followers.

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