What Happened to Nehal Hashmi Son Video

What Happened to Nehal Hashmi Video

What happened to Nehal Hashmi Son video is available and being distributed through whatsapp groups and other social media outlets. People are asking what happened to Nehal Hashmi Sons and why he was at the police station and was he tortured?

PMLN should followup this even when they are not much popular in Karachi and only 2 dozen people came to the roads on Nehal’s call. One social media activist of PMLN requested to personally follow Nehal Hashmi’s case as he is front line fighter of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and always stands with the party through thick and thin. He deserves 100% support from
@pmln_org party otherwise this attitude may b repeated with other leaders too.

The news of attack on Nehal Hashmi and his family specifically the sons is quite interesting case. PMLN demands to release Naseer nehal, Abrar nehal and Nehal Hashmi. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz #PMLN senior leader Nehal Hashmi’s sons assaulted on duty-policemen during a fight at Karachi’s P.S Saudabad – Police arrested Nehal Hashmi & his sons for beating on-duty policemen at Karachi’s Saudabad Police Station.

Nehal Hashmi booked after family and police brawl in Karachi. Some people are questioning the attitude of Police against Senator’s Nehal Hashmi and his family it should be resolved at on early and soonest possible time. So what exactly happened between Nehal Hashmi’s sons and the police one guy told the story but many are doubting his credentials as he is affiliated with the PTI and social media is witness of that. PML-N’s Nehal Hashmi, sons arrested in Karachi as they collided with the police and hampered their official duties. 

This is new pakistan Law is equal for all @pmln_org of Nehal Hashmi With her sons You will see inside lockup No matter what the name of any party is, the law should be equal for everyone. Nehal Hashmi’s wife is also complaining about mishandling by police to her as she says she was pushed by the police. Nehal is normally a fiery brand leader in the talk shows but in normal life he is quite a gentleman and placid person.

Everybody knows about the cruelty and dumbness level of Sindh Police. An educated and peaceful citizen Naseer Nehal Hashmi has been put behind the bars with his father Senator Nehal Hashmi and his brother. I condemn this incident, said PMLN Karachi leader. The footage shows someone accidentally hitting Nehal Hashmi’s wife inside the police station after which his son Naseer attacked policeman. An FIR has been registered against the PML-N leader’s son.

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