Baji Kiran Dua Wali Lahore

Baji Kiran Dua Wali Lahore is quite famous now as her hoardings are everywhere in Dil Kusha Garden and nearby areas of Lahore. She has even given her mobile number so you can call her and also on whatsapp for prayers and taveez.

The address of Baji Kiran is House 39 Kot Lakhpat Lahore. Please call before you come and ask for an appointment. Please also respect the timings as obviously don’t call late night or early morning and on public holidays, though you can ask for it if you want it. Make sure you don’t make undue demands and don’t get aggressive as untoward and aggressive behaviour won’t be tolerated with the staff and other helping people.

Please also remember that this is all for your benefit as she is only sharing her God-gifted talent. She only wants to help the suffering people as she has gone through a lot herself and knows the pain and now since she has this knack of resolving things, she is just spreading the love and passion. Make sure that you also leave some Hudya or charity though that’s not mandatory but then she also has to run her own household and the aastana.

She and her disciples believe in the miracle working power of prayer. If you have something you are believing for, Kiran Baji team would love to stand with you in prayer and see God work a miracle in your situation. But make sure that your prayer is justified and is harmless to others. Don’t think evil for others and don’t think bad for other people as that will only come back at you. Be nice and be polite and hope for the best.

You can also ask for online dua in Pakistan or from overseas through various options like whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other social media channels. Your prayer requests are important to Kiran Baji and they are prayed over the day that they arrive. If you are waiting to view a response to your request, please know she will post it very soon. If you need immediate prayer, please reach out to her on mobile number and leave a text message.



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