UK Pakistanis Fun Facts

UK Pakistanis Fun Facts

The list of UK Pakistanis Fun Facts is not only long but also not that funny and rather get’s bit boring after crossing few thousands. Yes, that’s right there are so many facts that you would just ask for some imaginary things and even that list is quite long and boring.

Watching UK diaspora and locals duke it out and praying the diaspora kids talking strange things aren’t mirpuri. Why are so many people talking about UK Pakistanis, did I miss a thing or two on social media as usual? UK Pakistanis will beef with actual Pakistanis about who is more Pakistani. Ma’am your extremist religious beliefs plus summer home in faisalabad don’t make you more authentic and patriotic.

UK pakistanis are very interesting, no-one in Pakistan wear bridal clothes on Eid festival really. I don’t know, I really don’t know about their fashion sense though. I don’t know that why they think that they can dictate fashion trends in Pakistan. I don’t know where you are coming from. At least we Pakistanis wear clothes from our culture. You really need to watch Desi Eid and such shows and perhaps then you will know the difference.

UK pakistanis dressing up for eid like it’s their valima and giving us fashion advice mate. Are UK Pakistanis on here really upset about… *checks notes* …sleeveless kameezes worn in the country their parents left? Also many of you are well-read enough to be able to level your critiques of UK Pakistanis without using the word p*ki, which is not shorthand for Pakistani here & is not fully considered a reclaimed slur. Disappointing to see.

Some girl from the UK tweeted that sleeveless Pakistani clothes are ugly should be banned & then Pakistanis were like that’s actually pretty normal stuff for people to wear and then it became a whole Thing that’s become steadily unhinged. UK Pakistanis get mad that back home Pakistanis can get to be “modern” too. The thing is that for some reason sleeveless is highly stigmatised, even the tiniest of cap sleeves will stop you being called a bad girl on these shores it’s bizarre.

Anyway, this is just a light banter and UK Pakistanis are also one of us and this should all be taken in lighter mode.


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