Mehwish Hayat Biscuit Mujra

Mehwish Hayat Biscuit Mujra

Mehwish Hayat Biscuit Mujra is really hot and the dance moves are out of this world. The video of mujra is available everywhere on social media though the ad itself has been banned after Ansar Abbassi the GEO journalist make a fuss about it and then all the conservatives rallied behind him.

This is not advertisement of Gala Biscuit but it is totally dance party by Mehwish Hayat where you can’t find any tea with Biscuits offered to guests. At least they should offer a cup of tea with biscuits in this paid advertisement. Ansar Abbasi is an extremist, right! But using an item number to endorse a biscuit is another kind of extremism, we are not ready to accept that yet. But hearing Naseebo’s voice on Mehwish Hayat was pretty jarring.

Just for the promotion of gala biscuit a song is attached with mehwish hayat dancing. According to Islamic teaching you were suppose to lower your eyes when you watch women. Here you enjoyed Mujra but your hypocrisy suddenly woke up and you thought Mehwish will attack you in dreams? By the way which pose makes you wild? Good for your wife if u feel excited. Do remember, Mehwish Hayat has won a Sitara e Imtiaz while Ansar Abbasi is a loser.

I’m glad it has taken out. Performance of Mehwish Hayat was great as usual but for biscuit that was too much. Is Pemra for real ? Banning an ad just because Mehwish is dancing in it ? Woww!! We are really making so much progress as a country. Keep going. Next would be Pemra banning women for merely existing because that’s also against our social norms. If not for Mehwish Hayat who is a sight for sore eyes that TVC is pure noise. My ears hurt just listening to it once.

Not that I’m a fan of Indian influenced colorful dance items but hyper conservative boomers getting offended by everything under the sun isn’t helpful either. Mehwish Hayat over these two stupid clowns any day. We have been watching adds of Tarang tea whitener for many years but no one has taken action against that “naach gana”. “Mehwish aur Gala ky Sitary gardish mein thy bs”. Otherwise, nothing is gonna happen against this vulgarity thing. As usual!

Gala Biscuit TVC, starred by none other than Mehwish Hayat has been banned by Pakistan. Will Mehwish Hayat respond, what exactly compelled her to do an ad that is banned by her own government? I can’t wait for her response. She should return her medal. Less biscuits more mehwish hayat. People are going crazy what to eat. Only two biscuits got so much popularity in the history of Pakistan. Abdul Razzaque Yaqoob and Mehwish Hayat.

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