Best Tikka in Rawalpindi

Best Tikka in Rawalpindi

Best Tikka in Rawalpindi is sold by Afzal, who is student of Khaadu. You cannot beat the taste, flavour, freshness and price of this tikka in Rawalpindi. He sells both Kebab and Tikka of beef and there is no match for him when it comes to this skill.

Afzal has been doing this Tikka business for the last 7 years. Before that he worked as apprentice of famous Khaadu in Rawalpindi for more than 16 years and learned his trade and then opened up his own stall which is now the most famous in Rawalpindi. He opens his shop after Maghrib and ends up selling everything by midnight. He doesn’t work on Tuesday and Wednesday because of unavailability of meat during those days.

The secret recipe of Afzal is that he doesn’t use any pre-made spices or mixes. He just used the tenderness of meat plus the desi ghee turka in the tikka Karachi. He daily goes to different shops to collect the meat of undercut. He says that he has to go to multiple shops to get required quantity of meat because its in limited availability and supply is low. Undercut is the best meat for tikka and its flavour is supreme.

Afzal then bring it back, cleans it and cuts it in style. He just marinates it for 15 minutes and then start cooking live in front of customers. He doesn’t put in any tomato or paste and doesn’t even use onions. All he does is use the juice of meat itself and then if you want to eat Karahi, he makes it live in front of you in desi ghee which is very very refreshing and out of this world. Afzal doesn’t uses any other meat or recipe as he believes in quality.

The prices of tikka in Rawalpindi are way high as we all know. Even the cheap ones are in hundreds and if you want to eat properly then the bill is in thousands at every place. Even the mediocre stalls charge you more than 1000 rupees for a dozen and that’s just a start. But Afzal tikka shop prices are very low. He just charges Rs. 500 both for tikka and kebab and you just pay extra for bread and his special chutnee is free which is also a treat to the taste buds. It also helps you in digestion and adds a unique flavour.

It’s a must eat in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They have their unique style of bbq and the taste is incredible. Really tasty and spicy beef Tikka and kabab fry. Needs better sitting arrangements, but then tikka lovers don’t care, as they are too engrossed in the tikka galore. Afzal shop is in Waris Khan Committe Chowk, Rawalpindi, Punjab and his phone number for delivery and order booking is +92 300 5535157.

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