Grab Points Not Updating in Pakistan SOLVED

Grab Points Not Updating in Pakistan SOLVED

Grab Points Not Updating in Pakistan SOLVED solution. Grab mobile site not working or any other issues with the system, please report them here. You can also read it in Urdu and any other language you like by translating it.

If you are unable to see your updates points in the rewards, then you need to wait for sometime as sometimes it takes some time for the system to refresh. Also all the rewards eventually show up sooner rather than later so no need to panic and no need to stop earning them or redeeming them. You should also check your Internet connection before going all berserk as sometime it’s no the issue with the site.

Also remember that there is a section in the app called as My Rewards which holds all the rewards that you redeem from time to time. If you still cannot see the points or reward, then don’t worry and check back again in sixty minutes or so and it should be there. I have noticed that sometimes it even takes a day or two to show up but rest assured that you haven’t lost it and its still there and you can check back to confirm.

But if you cannot see it even after a day then it could be any one of the following reasons:
• The reward is fully redeemed
• The reward awarded has expired
• The transaction was not successful (failed/refunded)
• You have not fulfilled ALL the terms and conditions of the reward

Another thing to keep in perspective is that the promo codes will not appear in My Rewards page. So need to spend time there aimlessly. You will need to enter and apply it for use manually. This is a simple step and doesn’t require any advanced skills. If you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions, but don’t see the reward after an hour upon redemption, you may submit the form below for us to look further into the issue.


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  1. Hi has blocked my system. It says you are blocked. Probably it has blocked my router. It now does not work on my mobile also. I did shut down the router also for hours and deleted cookies etc and restarted the system and mobile. It is still saying You are blocked. Do you have any idea how I can resolve this matter?

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