List of Sealed Colleges in Islamabad Coronavirus

This is the updated and latest List of Sealed Colleges in Islamabad Coronavirus as more and more cases are being reported from all over the twin cities. In Karachi and Lahore list of sealed colleges and schools is growing as some students tested positive.

Islamabad College for Boys G-6/3 and Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/4 are sealed because of covid positive cases. As of now 26 shops, 5 hotels, 6 schools have been sealed for violation of SOPs or bcz of covid positive cases, as told by Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat. Riphah International University’s Potohar tower campus also got a positive test and the rest results are on the way. The campus is so congested and no SOPs are followed. They are just calling us so that we don’t refuse to pay full fee.

Islamabad cases are going up rapidly. Any plans for smart lock down or is there any other plan? Islamabad Convent H-8/4 branch had couple of positive cases now they are opening again. What you reckon is it safe to do so? Government schools will be more than happy to be closed for ever. Action needs to be taken against pvt schools too. The City School Capital Campus, Pitras Bukhari Rd H-8, Islamabad has 2 students who came covid+. No testing hd yet been done after these infected students attend regular classes with hundreds of others despite having covid.

International Islamic University IIUI is another hotspot according to some students. That university is a disaster, with no SOPs in place. Not good sign for Islamabadian. Please pray for safety. City will appreciate if u can make random check on a lot of places where it’s mentioned no mask no service and no SOP is being followed. Dwatson i10 when asked y no mask is worn n they replied “yeh purana board laga” means according to then covid is over. And What about the ongoing exams in F7/4?

Please seal the sheesha café’s in F-11 Markaz. They’re already illegal and a hotspot for spread of Covid19 since a group of ppl shares a Sheesha and then the same sheesha is sold to the next group of young kids without properly sanitizing the equipment. Multiple places esp shops are not following SOP especially in markets like F10 and G13. Islamabad model college for boys G10/4 discipline principal tested positive for covid-19 , please take an action.


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