Real Story Behind IBA Girl and Shaheer Ali Chase

This is the real story behind IBA girl and Shaheer Ali chase in Karachi university where conflicting versions are appearing. This is not to say that thing incident never happened but we must not jump to conclusion and start taking sides on the basis of just one social media post.

How this can be the state of Madina? I Extremely condemned this act. Strict action should be taken against such people. University looks like a jungle. Lots of trees. Growing grass never cleaned. Especially after the last raining. I personally heard stuff that There are lots of snacks in the grass. The opposite side of Benazir department. They escaped .the girls saved themselves from monsters. Should I be worried going to university? Am I safe there?

We want KU to take immediate strict action against the recent incident. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve have been really bad, God forbid. Dont let it slide easily. We need to get the hashtag to trending for officials to take this seriously. Any institute where such barbarians are being produced, must be checked and groomed. Get that VC out if he can’t make this university better. Anyone wondering why the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is worst country for women?

Heard two incidents in two weeks.. it’s not a joke please take it seriously our labs used to end at 8:30 and it’s all dark out there no security no street lights. Till we have this kind of mentality. These incidents won’t stop. Two IBA students escaped an incident which could’ve been another almost possible motorway incident. Hope the designated authorities takes actions against this soon. KU is not a safe place really.


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