Mehwish Hayat Oscar

Mehwish Hayat Oscar

Mehwish Hayat Oscar selection is quite a news for Pakistani film and TV industry as rarely anyone from our part of world get’s noticed on that globally recognized stage. Not only it’s a big thing for the chic Mehwish, it’s also a grand thing for the whole Lollywood industry.

Mehwish Hayat also seemed quite happy about it and she said on Twitter,”I’m honoured to be part of the ‘Oscar Selection Committee’this year alongside our own two time Oscar winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. I look forward to seeing the nominated films. At least this is one way we can highlight our country & our talent on world stage IA”.  Mehwish has recently been criticised heavily over her role in a biscuit ad. This criticism was triggered by GEO jouranlist Ansar Abbasi and one of PTI minister.

By all means Mehwish but stay an Arms length from Chinoy who picked subjects to demean Flag of Pakistan. It is that what got her the Oscars not Content and technical finesse. Please see her acceptance speeches and those were plain giveaway scripted anwers. You are smart. She is Haqqani vintage and friend of Harvey Weinstein. I did not know she was friends Harvey Weinstein. But Mehwish which work of yours is so good which is giving you the opportunity?

Congratulations. Represent our country with every positive you got. But it’s Sharmeen Obaid my dear.. “Be Careful”. She is an actress and does perform in dramas and movies like other actresses do. Oscar nomination committee is related exactly to her field. It is not some welfare society where social workers are selected. Congratulations Mehwish Hayat
on this milestone. A fantastic opportunity to once again help put Pakistan back on the map. Such positive news and our trolls haven’t stopped preaching Islam and ethics. Well done a 1000 times. Pride of Pakistan.

Mehwish Hayat has been at the forefront of Pakistan silver screen for a long time now. You are a great actress Mehwish and really deserved this. Congratulations. This will go a great deal toward internationalising the Pakistani film industry. I would like to see future movie released overseas power investors are not a problem just need to look in the right places. Certainly it’s a quicksand of hypocrisy and some short lived glitter fantasy but you are smart and you will be fine. I am feeling very proud that someone is representing Pakistan at Oscar level.

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