Who is Farah Adil on Tiktok

Farah Adil

So who is Farah Adil on Tiktok and who is Adil Rajput and why their video clips are going viral all of a sudden. Find out the answers to these questions here but before that who exactly they are from where they have come is quite interesting too.

Farah Adil and Adil Khurram have a love marriage and now you will find both of them on various social media outlets such as whatsapp, youtube, instagram, wechat, tiktok and the list goes on. Muhammad Adil Khurram was born in 1992 in April. Adil says that he never has worked at one places constantly and has got a dynamic nature and so is his wife and that is why they are so popular on social media as people relate to them. They are sort of people next door in Pakistan.

His father was in education department and retired. He lives in Liaquatpur which is in district Rahim Yar Khan. Rahim Yar Khan is the last district of Punjab and then Sindh starts. He is the eldest of his family. He has a big family with 6 siblings. He studied from Bahawalpur and is an engineer from Islamia university from Bahawalpur. He is an electrical engineer and graduated in 2014. He has worked at many places including Dubai, Karachi and also in Gul Ahmed textile.

Farah Adil or Farkhanda or Faroo is wife of Adil and was born in 1994 and was born in Bahrain, in the gulf. Her father is a policeman in Bahrain, so she lived in Bahrain throughout. She did her BCOM from there and she is a Bahrain national which is quite rare. She worked for five years and then she came back Pakistan. She was a government servant in Bahrain and has worked a lot there. So how did they meet?

Adil said that he was professional model and did shoot. He used to upload photos on facebook and he was unmarried too. They met on Facebook as Farah used to comment on her photos and then there was a competition on Adil Raajput. And she used to suggest him themes, shirts, clothes and other things and then they started talking in DM and then the dating started. After a while they fell in love and married.

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