Real Reason of TikTok Ban in Pakistan

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The real reason of tiktok ban in Pakistan has eventually come out as there is lots of hue and cry on the social media. People like Jannat Mirza, Shahana, and numerous other tiktok girls are also crying on other social media sites about the ban as they have lost considerable cloud and income.

İn solidarity with Naseer Baloch, a Bhatta Mazdoor, who has 4.9 million followers on tiktok. Yes, 4.9 million. Do you realize the potential of its reach? In common people? İmagine their lives of poverty, their problems, we can’t imagine them. And there was one medium which was giving them few moments of joy, fame, and even an identity. I’d say tiktok ban is classist. This is actually going to hurt lots of poor people.

Naseer baloch is the only thing which tangled me to tik tok. Only love to see his stuff. He can earn money on YouTube. Avail this opportunity please. Pray tell what such TikToks contribute to the betterment society or education or cultivating an intelligent public? Some fascinating niches developing on TikTok. This lawyer does micro videos describing aspect of various laws as a public service, but that’s a rarity.

Seeing them enjoying few moments of happiness gave me immense satisfaction.I seriously believe govt.should lift this ban.These poor guys have just started to enjoy their lives. He will suffer because of others who posted unethical videos on TikTok. Overall it’s reasonable action by the government blocking this app. TikTok finds its fame among the proletariat & the bourgeoisie. Feudal got no effing interest in it whatsoever.

Use of anything can be good or bad ,disciplining and regulating by PTA is the need of the hour. otherwise today it’s tick tock tomorrow it’s Facebook & Twitter and then cinema and music – Buyers beware as individual freedoms goes one by one in any Gestapo rule. I can even tell 1000 ways of using tiktok for a business use .. people can reach out millions of people organically to public their business. Sir its a teaching which is lacking in Pakistan about social media!! U must listen to people.

Banning or allowing any thing in Pakistan should be as per our situation, ethos, and social values and not of others and outsiders. Our intellectuals want us to follow west on every matters, then the next day one finds them advocating against that trend. Confused they r and remain so if so they wish, but please don’t spread this virus on us. We are happy that our PTA has taken this step and we are fully with them, as said by one PTI supporter.

I think TikTok was generating revenue for the country, most of the people left jobs and started taking tiktok as their profession, i think Government should review its decisions. Vulgar content should be reported and blocked as per regulations.

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