Who is Sahibzada Jahangir of PTI in London?

Who is Sahibzada Jahangir of PTI in London

So Who is Sahibzada Jahangir of PTI in London? He is the person who is instrumental in arranging chaos outside Nawaz Sharif’s London residence. The people you often see wearing hoodies and masks and creating ruckus outside Avonfield apartments are hired by Sahibzada Jahangir.

Sahibzada Jahangir is a founding member of PTI. He is now an influential political & public figure in Pakistan too. His claim is also that he has been doing some community and charities works in Pakistan and in UK.  He is also very active on social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and always share is views there.

These days Sahibzada Jahangir is PM’s Investment spokesman for UK and Europe according to his profile on social media. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) is practically run by few people these days which include Sahibzada. One close aide to him has disclosed that at least £10,000 has been arranged and distributed to PTI as well as Pakistan Patriotic Front workers to protest outside Nawaz Sharif’s son Hassan Nawaz’s office and Avenfield House on 16th October.

Remember that 16th October is the day when PDM, the opposition alliance has announced their first public gathering. This paid protest in London by PTI is an effort to sabotage that public gathering. This is quite low act by the Niazi and as usual doesn’t suit the office of Prime Minister.

Following is the leaked message by Sahibzada Jahangir to his goons, “PM has directed me to organise a demonstration outside Nawaz Sharif house in london on Friday 16th Oct between 3pm – 6pm. This is the time NS will be addressing a Jalsa in Gujranwala. Our protest will be shown life in Pakistan on television. We will be standing in groups of 6 person. Police has given us permission to stand at distance in groups of 6. I kindly request your support & participation. I know Friday is a working day. Some may not be able to make it. Totally understandable. I know you may have other commitments. But those who can, let’s make our protest successful to expose fugitive NS anti-military narrative & his abuses against PTI government”.

Additionally it is learned that Pakistan High Commission diplomats and Sahibzada Jahangir and Tariq Mahmood have collected the funds and its state money. This state money from Pakistani public is being used to satisfy the ego of Niazi in London.

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  1. It’s nonsense mama PML(N) nana, imported govt namanzoor

  2. Sahibzada Jahangir like other UK based PTI supporters is very colourful in a totally ridiculous fashion. They keep Pakistanis entertained by their absurd nonsense.

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