Who is Amna Ilyas and Her Scandal

Who is Amna Ilyas and Her Scandal

Pakistani dark beauty Amna Ilyas likes to stir the pot often every now and then. She has fast become a social media controversy starter by her bold and out of ordinary comments on all the sensitive things especially if you measure them on our social scales. So who is Amna Ilyas and her scandal?

There was lots of hue and cry when Amna Ilyas posted her active wear photos on social media. She declared 2020 as fitness year for her and her fitness skimpy photos were plastered all over the place but that didn’t faze her at all. One commenter was so furious that he said,”and hope of more decency and less vulgarity. Would anyone like to see their daughters and sisters in these sort of attire and then openly advertising globally”.

Recenlty Amna Ilyas called someone ‘Mota’ a fatty and social media was on fire again. Sadaf Alvi said,”Judging by this apology from the redeemed and better version of herself, I can’t even imagine what she would’ve said/done in the past. God, what an awful person she is!” Someone should have schooled her a long time ago. If that’s the groomed version, I can’t imagine what she was like in the past.

But of course there are many admirers too who are showering their blessings on her and bucking her up. One said that mashallah lovely picture and we’re glad to know that the hard work is paying off. On the other hand no offense to anyone as people are now more into Pakistani culture in terms of glamour and entertainment. They don’t get fascinated by Bollywood that much anymore, which is a great sign of progress.

There are certainly some objectionable things from Amna. A simple apology by her would have done the trick. What’s so difficult for her to understand? Who’s interested in her past. That’s a lot of arrogance displayed in just a few sentences. Would love to know what her parents reaction was when she was behaving that way in childhood. Might explain a few things. She is trying to be rude to look cute according to some.

A straight forward apology could have worked.

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