NMDCAT Syllabus 2020 Latest News

NMDCAT Syllabus 2020 Latest News

NMDCAT Syllabus 2020 Latest News can be found here as lots of students are having difficulties getting the true picture of whats going on. Before we delve further into this, its always pains me to see why they make such a mess of things to confuse the students and providing no helpline or step by step guidance.

We reject new lengthy syllabus of NMDCAT provided by PMC just before 20 days of test. Why is PMC playing with the future of thousnads of students? PMC is finalizing the common syllabus and students are very anxious about it. First PMC put a notification, telling students that “No NEW syllabus will be issued for NMDCAT this year”, Now they have released a new syllabus which contain so many extra topics, just 20 days before the exam.

NMDCAT exam will NOT contain any item/topic which is outside the existing syllabus of your respective province. No NEW syllabus will be issued for NMDCAT this year. Learn something from India at least. Learn how to conduct a compltitive exam. They provide their syllabus 6 months prior to NEET. You guys can’t even keep up to your words. This is what you call common syllabus? We can always learn good lessons even from our arch rivals.

Here is the summary of what has happened so far regarding this issue:

PMC Earlier :Use the nums syllabus as a guide for your preparation
PMC few days later: Follow syllabus of your respective provinces
PMC now: Uploading the exact copy paste of nums syllabus
Meanwhile Students: Confused.

Thanks for torturing the students PMC. Keep up the hardwork. I think you should have uploaded the new syllabus only a day before the exam. Kuch zada jaldi upload nai krdia? Why is pmc supporting federal students by giving sample paper exact of nums? and why giving so much syllabus just before 25 days? if we donot action us punjab board students will have to face the circumstances. I am flabbergasted by all of this.

PMC 13 days ago announced MDCAT exam syllabus will same as provincial admitting universities syllabus and no syllabus will be given today PMC announced the NUMS syllabus that contain lot of different topics how can we prepare it only one month left and what would we do? It is really a shameful act to change the syllabus(even against your own words) at this time. It is not a common http://syllabus.it’s just a replica of NUMS syllabus.

What PMC has said before, what they are doing now. This is how you treat productive youth?


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