Real Story Behind Capt Safdar Arrest

This is the Real Story Behind Capt Safdar Arrest and who arrested him from Karachi hotel when he was present with PMLN leader and his wife Maryam Nawaz Sharif. This five star hotel is situated right at the heart of Karachi and now it’s under control of rangers.

Captain Safdar and Maryam were informed by Sindh government half an hour ago before the arrest that Police would come to their room and take him away. They were asked to cooperate by the Police officer though they refused to open the door and then the lock had to be pried open. Police took Capt Safdar away very politely and nicely as can be seen in the video of Captain Safdar arrest in Karachi. He sat in the front seat of police mobile while chanting the slogans.

Video also shows that Captain Safdar was leisurely walking towards the mobile. No Policeman was holding him and no one was pushing him unlike what we have seen with other  political workers and leaders in the past. Of course Sindh government isn’t behind this arrest as this is way out of their league but they were made aware of it at the last moment though the senior political leadership of PPP is now denying it.

Considering the fact that the PPP was hosting the Opposition leaders, the arrest is totally embarrassing. Sindh govt is either clueless abt police actions or the police has suddenly become a force to reckon with. Shuld be interesting what CM Murad and Bilawal say about this. Police break into the hotel room in Karachi and arrests Mr Safdar son in law of x PM Nawaz Sharif, husband of Mariam Nawaz, local reporters say. Symbolically huge.

Either Murad Ali shah and IG Sindh were not aware of that at the very last moment or there is some other story going on. Hotel security taken over by Rangers. Media stopped from coverage are the latest news pouring in from Karachi. No protests have been reported from anywhere in the country especially in the Haripur Hazara region of KP province from where Captain Safdar belongs and that’s his strong base.

This is going to have ripple effects on Pakistani politics for sure.


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One reply on “Real Story Behind Capt Safdar Arrest”

All drama of three PML N+ Zardari+ Sindh Police. THe soaked brown pants of Police officer from the back are obvious standing afraid of Kakul Trained Army Captain to go near to him. He is walking like a prophet Nawooz Billah. Where is army to arrest him from the Quiad Mazar or from Avari and take him for court Martial as per rules of Army and oath they all take…Quid Mazar made a scene of Mujra of two PML ladies, ex PM Pakistan Shahid Kufran Abbasi and the Quia JInnah cap and sherwani worn mulla of management standing during all slogans and laughing…Who will arrest him? What this Captain is for our Pakistan army a Martyr bcs he is adulterer of past and son in law of Nawaz? Every patriotic Pakistani is crying today since the beyhurmatee of our Quid who made this lovely country for them to loot

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