Who is Mahwash Ajaz and What Has She Done

Who is Mahwash Ajaz and What Has She Done

So who is Mahwish Ejaz and what has she done that she is now being made a fun stock on the digital surface by everyone. I came to know about her when she started asking people on social media  that if she was a lookalike of Nazia Hassan, the quintessential pop singer of Pakistan who passed away many years back and was a heart throb of many.

Recently she is again in the trends as she has come out with a scathing online attack on Captain Safdar, the husband of Maryam Nawaz Sharif PMLN leader. Captain Safdar as usual went overboard and created ruckus at the mausoleum of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi while the couple was in the city for Pakistan Democractive Movement public gathering which was a resounding success. This episode at mazar e Quaid though left a bad taste for many.

Mehwish Ejaz tried to cash in on this and probably she was trying to become another Mehr Tarrar to be in good books of Imran Khan. But then that’s her right that which side she joins.  It’s a free country and we have democracy of whatever sorts and people are free to join whichever party they want and people can have whatever they want and people can air their views on every topic from politics to social issues so its not a big deal.

We must learn to accept that and we must not thrash her. When will we put end to this abuse culture!? She didn’t abuse anyone but all I see in comments section is abuse, filth and personal attacks. And this was on a lighter note, you cant expect everyone to worship your (PMLn) leaders like you do. She is the one who is harassed & abused for exercising her right to free speech & she is the one who is deactivated ,I didn’t understand that.

But some people have different views and one should respect that too. You seek attention purposely and then complain. If you stared getting bashing from Bollywood,now you are seeking attention anywhere else. Pakistani political scene is hot these days, so you jumped in. After bashing, you are looking for sympathy and also using women card, is the opinion of many. Dating at mazar e Quaid was and still going on under the supervision of mazar administration.

This is a complex country and we must accept that.

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