Story of Christian Girl Arzoo Raja

Story of Christian Girl Arzoo Raja

This is the real story of Christian girl Arzoo Raja with all the facts and dates and the latest updates without any sensation and spice. In Pakistan these incidents are increasing day by day and the human rights ministry is sleeping. We don’t see any real concern about these issues.

13 years Catholic Christian girl Arzoo Raja was kidnapped on 13.10.2020 & forcibly converted & married to 46 years Ali azhar.Her parents appeal to prayer to her safe recovery. But soem says that its useless as nothing is going to happen.

They will never change it because appeasing the anti-social elements is the government goal. This happens to Christian, Kalashi indigenous and hindu girls often. A statement and awareness from Malala would do a great service to 1000s of girls. But then only statements aren’t going to accomplish much as we have heard a lot and nothing is done eventually and then we have to get back to social media.

Raja Lal, father of Arzoo Raja is crying and protesting about it. Arzoo Raja is just 13 years old and was kidnapped by some influential people and then she was forcibly married and taken away. Now her family doesn’t know where she is and where has she gone. She has also been converted to Islam without her will and consent, according to her father who has shared this on the social media.

Just another day in Naya Pakistan with Naya Khan. This is actually very sad because this has become a norm in the country. Yes its true that we haven’t really heard the other side of story and the girl hasn’t surfaced yet but then what do you expect from a thirteen year old girl. What would she say. She must be scared a lot and must be under lots of pressure. I am only concerned about the safety and wish that truth comes out.

My heart goes out to the family.

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