Who is Major Fajaruddin

Who is Major Fajaruddin

So who is Major Fajaruddin who died in Karachi yesterday ? Well Indian electronic and social media is all over it and they seemed more sad then the Pakistanis over it. Rather surprisingly Pakistanis are all laughing hysterically over this and enjoying themselves.

Fajarudin was elder brother of 8 sisters and a son of paralyzed mother and the breadwinner of the family. And now there is no one to feed them. No one to take care of his mother. This is really tragic. He was also a TV actor and religious scholar and also a politician who could change his affiliation at the drop of hat. He was also a funny guy and could work as comedian too. So why Pakistanis are laughing and who is Major Fajaruddin?

The title photo is Major Fajaruddin after his rifle got jammed during reload. Fajjruddin aka Ashiq Rafaqt Hussain in nazuk sorthaal. You are mistaken, this is actually what happened in #Karachi last night. Guys were enjoying MUTTON burgers or were they beef burgers who cares. Even some of us are laughing on this side too. I just had a great glass of lassi in metropol area.

His name is Farajudin not Fajarudin, some of the insider is saying ha hahah. Hahahahhahahahhahahahahah major wah kiya dimagh hain indian k yh saly apny ap ko super power khaty hain. Tum Pakistan tou aao, tumko bhi Chai pilani hay tumharay Indian Pilot Abhinandan ki terha! May God be pleased with him. He will get 72 virjinns enshallah. Major Fajarudin you shall be missed .Who will ask us now ” Aam khaaega Aam?

Arre ye to Liaqat Hussain hai. Nihayati behooda insaan. Ye to dozakh me jayega. Really sad to hear this news. The death of our national heroes (even the fake ones) is not easy to deal with. Aamir bhai ye apka naam Major Fajaruddin kab se hogaya? Lagta hai ye kapooray bhool gaye hain. From Shazazuddin to Fajaruddin it seems indiots have this baby name book of Pakistani kids which no one in Pakistan has heard of.

Yeh Major Fajarudin nahi, apki maata jee ke pehlay patti dev Dr Amir Liaquat hain. Jaldi se ghar ja ke dekho kahin Major Fajarudin apkay ghar main ghusay hoon. Sad day for us Pakistanis! Lost a brave son of the soil. Sindh police is going to pay for this we assure you! You were a hero. Served the nation till your last breath. Sources suggest Pakistan intends to use plan b and dispactcjed itachi uchiha to deal with civil war occurring in so called.

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