Reason Why Shahroz Sabzwari Supports Trump

Reason Why Shahroz Sabzwari Supports Trump

There is an interesting reason why Shahroz Sabzwari supports Trump and wants him to win the upcoming US election. Pakistani young actor has become the talk of town after he openly admitted that he was fan of Donald Trump and wanted him to get reelected.

Shahroz says that there is a reason he supports Trump and that reason is that he is best for the world’s economy. He says that Trump has handled US economy during Covid with great skill and he is badly needed at the helm of affairs for the next various years so that economy can get back on the track and we could see new era of prosperity across the world as world is dependent upon the US.

“Trump for the second term! Economically he has proved and now deserves it.”, according to Shahroz. If you’re ever confused about who to support in an argument or debate just see which side Shahroz Sabzwari is on and join the other one. But people are not liking his stance and they are saying that Shahroz is just a kid who doesn’t even know Pakistani domestic politics let alone whats happening at the world stage.

Celebrities in Pakistan should have a strict filter when it comes to sharing their opinions. The reason why I say that because look at Veena Malik, Reema, Meera and host of others who just make mockery of themselves on speaking every topic ranging from foreign affairs to religion and from politics to fashion. Shahroz has now irked many with his senseless thing though its his right to support who ever he wants, though he is so irrelevant in this matter.

We spot Shahroz and Sadaf sporting the same shades amd we wonder who stole whose glasses in one of recent fashion show and that gossip is all he is good for. Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz scandal was making rounds too in recent days and there are some other things too. It’s like he literally wakes up in the morning and plots how to be more unlikeable than yesterday as tweeted by one user on the social media.

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