Pakistan’s First Knowledge City

Pakistan’s First Knowledge City

Pakistan’s First Knowledge City by Imran Khan is a brave new step in the right direction in this digital era. This is not just yet another political gimmick rather it’s something which is concrete and we will see it coming to fruition very soon.

Our best wishes for such progressive ventures,but think when will this happen? First purge the internal cancer that’s eating Pakistan inside out, then establish the base for revival. That is key for success of this great step. The website and location of Pakistan’s first knowledge city will be in outskirts of Islamabad. Colleges, universities, jobs, offices, businesses and much more to come in this regard.

Building social awareness and boosting common sense might be a more fundamental step prior to leading to the dream projects. Just like basic arithmetic before advanced algebra and geometry. Pakistan biggest problem is lack of education which more dangerous than corruption. To know what is corruption and who is corrupt people need education. This is excellent. Please initiate and start the project. The nation is standing besides you and ready to support.

A great step, Education is the key but Only building new education buildings and constructing new schools colleges universities wouldn’t suffice. As there is a bulk of unemployed youth. A threat to society, hunger, lawlessness and no productivity. First do something pragmatic for it. All the previous governments kept majority of the people naive and illiterate on purpose to secure their vote bank but you always put the nation first and this is the sign of not only true but great leader.

That’s actually pretty great, hope u can build it, but it looks more of a university then a whole city. Then please add a little encouragement word and retweet it might enable an outstanding student to continue her studies. We need knowledge that’s based on true faith. We need knowledge that can differentiate between right & wrong. We need knowledge which is based on an educational philosophy of our own. Do we have the one?

Its high time we support this cause.

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