www.pmc.gov.in 2020 and Syllabus Protest

www.pmc.gov.in 2020 and Syllabus Protest

150,000 aspirants of medical entry tests are under deep distress due to abrupt change of syllabus by PMC. They are organizing protests tomorrow & a twitter campaign today at 8 pm. These students are our future & they must be heard. www.pmc.gov.in 2020 and Syllabus Protest must be heard.

This is enough proof of the corruption going on in higher authorities.We don’t accept this injustice. This will happen to Mdcat students as well. No one expected such irresponsible behaviour from this government and youth is very disappointed and angry because they voted for PTI from all over the country and were with PTI all the time through thick and thin but your strength is youth and you are not noticing this injustice. Your losing your strength.

Aspirants of medical entry test are protesting against abrupt change of syllabus imposed by PMC. This dictatorial move puts at risk the future of over 150k students.This is another reminder puppets can’t run a country. Medical students..I am trying to arrange live news coverage of your tomorrow protest at Lahore press club (2pm to 3pm). Make a proper media invite poster. DM me 2,3 contact no. of organizers. Team will coordinate with them.

If you don’t change the syllabus at least gives appropriate time to prepare additional topics. Imran khan your decisions are against your so called nation building youth. Your youth is on roads. We want high authorities to solve our problems we want justice we want uhs back we reject pmc. One day justice will prevail than what u will do next? according to you this is Naya Pakistan we don’t want Naya Pakistan.we want old Pakistan back where our problems were addressed.

PMC has totally failed to arrange test and syllabus. Stop playing with future of students. YDA condemns and rejects last minute change in PMC syllabus of more than 150k students. It has put students in extreme stress & mental fatigue& will jeopardise there future. This change should be reviewed & revised in larger interest of students. Recent obnoxious policies from PMC stirred a chaos among Medical And Pre Medical.

WE never asked for a http://clarification.You made it clear from the very beginning when the term “admitting body” was used. stop twisting your words. What a system. Thank you for mentally torturing a lot of students. It is our so called educational system that makes students depressed every year. You are destroying future of students. This is unfair and unacceptable. We want justice . We want Uhs to conduct our test.

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