HarSukh School By Jawad S Khuwaja

HarSukh School By Jawad S Khuwaja

HarSukh School By Jawad S Khuwaja is not an ordinary school. It’s a totally non-profit educational initiative taken by the retired chief justice along with many other philanthropists who have been contributing on monthly basis. This is charity beyond dreams and a great symbol of Pakistan.

Ex-CJ Jawad S Khuwaja looks after himself school in beautiful building village. He has enrolled his grandsons & daughter. Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice r Jawad S Khawaja set up a modern school in his own haveli for the deserving kids from the villages in Lahore’s outskirt. He also brought his grandchildren to HarSukh school from Lahore Grammar School. He is leading by an exquisite and unique example.

How often do you see an educationist interacting with their students in Punjabi & immense affection in Pakistan? Have you ever seen students learning robotics & aviation in a Pakistani school? Wonderful job Harsukh Idara-e-taleem-o-fun by Bina Jawad & retd Jawad S Khawaja. The location of Hursukh school is also awesome as it’s accessible easily. The best school in Pakistan Harsukh Bedian Road lahore near DHA phase 9 Lahore.

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Jawad S. Khawaja, after retirement, set up a school in Lahore in 2016 called ‘Har Sukh’ where free education is provided to needy students in rural areas. Urdu News correspondent Waheed Murad is presenting this digital video to you from a school in Jawad S. Khawaja’s mansion on the outskirts of Lahore. You don’t hear many such good news coming out of our beloved country that often.

I believe that federal government of Pakistan should help out justice and spread the chain of this school all over the country. May be some NGOs should reach out to him and start working on it so that this great work doesn’t get diminished.

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3 Comments on "HarSukh School By Jawad S Khuwaja"

  1. Salam,
    Hope you are doing well, I am amna kousar from sialkot. By profession I am a biotechnologist as i have done my Bachelors in biotechnology. I saw your schools ad on facebook and very pleased after observing your true effort. It would be a great joy for me If you give me chance to teach your adorable children.
    with great wishes
    Amna kousar
    from sialkot

  2. Mir Rizwan Aslam | December 5, 2021 at 8:43 am | Reply

    My name is Mir Rizwan Aslam and running small tutoring company in UK, I belongs to Wazirabad Pakistan and teaching Maths and Chemistry. My wife is Teaching English. We both are InsahAllah travelling Lahore in February 22 and will love to meet you and see your school which inspires me all the time. Is possible to visit and talk further how we can contribute.

  3. Shahid Mahmood | June 24, 2022 at 6:17 am | Reply

    We have a three acres area at Badian next to Avicina Medical college and wish to start a school at this location.

    I am a retired banker and worked at senior positions and look forward to meeting for necessary guidance


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