Sher Miandad Death News Latest

Sher Miandad Death News Latest

Here you will find the Sher Miandad Death News Latest and also what happened to him and the real story behind the whole episode. Sher Miandad fans are longing for the latest and true news as there is lots of misinformation going around about him after the assassination attempt.

Qawwal Sher Miandad out of danger and his family is so relieved. So what happened was that he became victim of a robbery attempt and tried to resist. The robbers opened fire and he got critically injured in Medina Town. He was rushed to hospital and he was lucky to survive the gunshots. The robbers also tried to harm his driver and then escaped from the scene as there was no one to stop them.

Robbers took away two mobiles, cash worth two lakh rupees and other valuables from him. They also snatched mobile from the driver and then just walked away after injuring him so that he couldn’t call the help. Sher Miandad was treated well at the civil hospital, and now is completely out of danger. He was attacked by a robber while going from Faisalabad to Lahore and now is fine. There are rumors about him which are false.

Qawwal Sher Miandad Emotional Interview After Firing Incident is also present on the social media and his son has also categorically told media that his father was well and alive and he has pleaded with people to not to spread false news about him as that was causing distress to his family. Most of this false news is being spread around the social media as people are forwarding it without first checking the facts.

I have even seen some of the so-called reliable journalists doing the same. It’s high time that we become responsible at the social media.


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