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The campaign to legalize cryptocurrency in Pakistan has taken steam again as lots and lots of people are getting used to of this digital currency and want to tap into the potential of this huge international monetary opportunity which our neighbors are already leveraging.

A lot of time has been wasted but there is still hope Imran Khan sir. For once let us prove to be the strong nation we are and for once let us not miss out on this huge opportunity. If Allah will’s this can be the turning point for the country. Many countries have announced the use of digital currency and paypal has also announced to support crypto currency. Most of the world has legalized crypto than why not us?

Russian officials said that If we ban Crypto currency we will be Decade behind in future. If we want to Beat USA we need Crypto currency College degree & labs for Block chain and crypto currencies. But why can’t you Mr PM of Pakistan? Crypto legalization in Pakistan is the need of hour as this can really boost our economy which is struggling for decades as billion of dollars revenue would come in.

Indians are taking benefits from cryptocurrency. Legalise cryptocurrency don’t deprive us of technologies. Give a chance to Waqar Zaka who is at the forefront of this campaign. Cryptocurrency is the future for economy. Cryptocurrency can give Pakistan what it needs to gain success in the future. I work globally with different International companies and you know what they give payments through BITCOIN AND PAYPAL and yes both are unavailable in Pakistan. You talk About Digital PAKFlag of Pakistan. But in reality we are living in Stone age.

Try to understand that a young kid in chitral gilgit skardu can earn 1-3K$ through crypto currency mining.Even he can sell his dollars or Crypto currency to any bank in Pakistan this will help Government to increase Dollar in National treasure. You need legislation. You need road map. You need rules and regulations. You already left no income sources for youth and that is why there is so much agony out there.

Pakistan will face a brain-drain in a world driven by digitization. If latest monetary mechanisms are not allowed to operate, Pakistan should never hope to come out of its financial disparities. Eventually every capable individual will leave the country. Countries are offering degree in crypto because they know it’s a future industry. FATF could easily BAN CryptoCurrency but FATF in Japan last year stated that countries should work on Crypto KYC & AML.

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