Who is Usman Gohar and His Video with Bank Girl

So who is Usman Gohar and his video with girl in bank is going viral. What’s the real story between him and the girl? These are all the questions which are being asked by the people as people are shocked after what they saw.

The culprit Usman Gohar has been dismissed from service by the Bank. He cannot be hired by any other bank as per State Bank regulations. Raids are being conducted for his arrest. I’ll request everyone again to protect the identity of the lady. Usman Gohar Manager Credit department Faysal Bank F10 Markaz Islamabad has been arrested & shifted to Police Station.
Further legal action being taken.

Bank Harassment case update. Police raided his house. The culprit has turned his cell off and his hiding for the last 3 hours. One special team is searching for him. Will update soon. And then he got arrested and is now in custody of Police. n all this the victim should not be forgotten. I hope she gets proper compensation, empathy and respect not only from her workplace but from all of us. She IS us.

One crappy thing about the Usman Gohar Faydal Bank harassment is that if it becomes public discourse then most people will probably use the incident to justify the updated dress code for women. Everyone, it’s important that you send an email to the customer complaint & HR focal person of Faysal bank in order to let them know about Usman Gohar’s sexual harassment. I am attaching the addresses & phone numbers here. Feel free to bombard them till Gohar sees the jail.

Pls stop sharing the video where Usman Gohar (Manager Faysal Bank) is abusing his female colleague. This will hurt the victim and she might not be able to take this insult going public. You can tweet about it without sharing the video. And yes that molester must be behind bars. I can’t believe there are so many people still defending actions of Usman Gohar, Manager Faysal Bank.

The same bank that made wearing a burqa and loose clothes mandatory as it is a ‘cultural requirement. Harassment or not, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable in any workplace. This calls for investigation and action should be taken by the banking commission of Pakistan.


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5 replies on “Who is Usman Gohar and His Video with Bank Girl”

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable in any “WORKPLACE!!! I second you only on this sentence from the whole article. Otherwise the reaction of that lady was very strange, look like they were used to do these kind of things regularly with each other, that’s why that lady didn’t react aggressively.

Blaming the female victim is typical in Pakistan and it is this attitude that has allowed people like Usman Gohar to operate with impunity. Misogynistic thinking has to end if Pakistan is to have any hope for the future! Make Pakistan’s workplaces, homes, public places, cities and villages safe for all women!

People are criticizing such commentators who point out the indifference of the lady at the groping. Guys, use your common sense, plz. I’m a man and even if I was touched like this, I would’ve jumped from my place, but the lady didn’t. It does add credence to the fact that she was used to such acts since long. Apart from this, we may give her an edge that she might be in a hapless or helpless position. That’s another point, though. But to say with certainty at this point of time that she was harassed, is beyond me. Or maybe we should revisit our vocabulary to understand the term harassment. Having said that, I’m disgusted by sexual harassment against any human to the point of obsession.

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