Sher Jawans Iqrar Nama

Sher Jawans Iqrar Nama

Sher Jawan movement by PMLN for youth is in full swing and registration is on. It’s a volunteer service aimed at giving youth a platform in Pakistani politics. This is not just a student federation like Muslim Student federation, the MSF of PML, rather it’s inclusive of everyone.

There are some objections on the criteria, designations and other things on this movement. Sana Bucha, the journalist has also raised some concerns about it. She said that you cannot fight for a democracy by using dictatorial force. The “Sher Jawans Iqrar nama” needs a review. Party policy aside; you cannot tell us what to think. We can disagree. That is the rule of democracy.

Rana Sanaullah says that It’s all over the world, inside party active groups have disciplinary rules, obeying the leadership is a basic one. Discipline and integrity are key thing for an movement and everyone has to follow the suit. I think it’s a good step and need to be made controversial at this stage. Most of these objections and concerns are unnecessary and I would even go to the point to call these volunteers “national heroes”.

One can understand the ridicule and criticism of PTI, the ruling party but it’s unfortunate that some of the journalists and anchors are targeting the volunteers, who exhibit great responsibility and performe various tasks without any greed and monetary gains during the trying times of outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic from the platform of PMLN. We should encourage such steps and make sure that this goes a long way.

Eliminate and supporting the role of few corrupt rich families in politics who use democracy as a business, you will see how the system will start delivering. The system not individuals will be important in true democracy. This will only happen when we provide youth a platform. Sher Jawan movement is not only political but also social. This is at the grassroot level and Pakistani society needs it.

Sher Jawans Iqrar Nama is just a formality. Don’t sweat on it much.

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