Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project News Latest

Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project News Latest

You can find Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project news latest here along with the map, helpline, rates, sizes of the plots, utilities and all the other happenings about this projects. The victims of this project can also get online help.

How can I book an apartment or house in Ravi riverfront urban development project? This waterfront property project will be highlight for the metropolis of Lahore which already has a great skyline courtesy to Shahbaz Sharif. This riverfront scheme will really change the face of Lahore as it will give it a fresh and clean look. This will also rescue the dying and dull Ravi river and will be providing lots and lots of jobs.

The summary of this project is that there will be a 36km long concrete channel for Ravi making it sound, safe, secure and flowing. Then on Ravi banks they will built parks, apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels, parks, and a new zoo. One channel will be foing from Siphon on BRB canal to Maraca. It will be a leafy and green area which will make the face of Lahore quite pretty. There will be lots of opportunities for investors.

RRUDP map and information center will also be established. The Ravi Riverfront Urban Development (RRFUD) project envisaged on the model of Dubai has the potential to change the fate of Lahore. It will also be a sort of replica of any modern European city. There will be 3 barages, 3 forests, 6 water treatment plants, 2 million apartments and a modern hospital. This is going to be a new employment hub for whole of Punjab.

This project will also include knowledge city, health city, commercial city, innovation city, sports city, and a commercial city. Today I felt great excitement in doing stone laying of Ravi City, one of the biggest mega projects we have launched in our history.This will save Lahore by stopping spread of unplanned urban sprawl, raise water table & revive River Ravi preventing it from becoming a sewerage nala.

The Ravi City project will also bring in foreign exchange through Overseas Pakistani investment in the project. It will create millions of jobs as 40 industries are connected to housing and construction and create wealth, enabling us to start paying off our national debt. Also 6 million trees will be planted as part of the Ravi City Project.

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