Full Story of ASI Bakhsh of Kashmore Saved Alisha and Mother

ASI Muhammad Bakhsh of Kashmore Saved Alisha and Her Mother

ASI Muhammad Bakhsh of Kashmore Saved Alisha and Mother and he should be given the highest award of the country. He is the real hero in this darkest of episode where you cannot even believe that humans can fall to such lows.

The videos of this whole Kashmore incident is too tragic to see and share so I am not going to go down that way, but I do want to say that my heart is crying and is torn and my faith in humanity has shattered. I mean how could a human could do that thing to a human. Just look at the face of that angel Alisha and then look at that monster who did that to her and then you wonder if he is a human? I mean what punishment could you met out to him?

Salute to ASI Muhammad Bakhsh who used his own daughter to call these criminals as a trap and get hold of whole gang. The incident where a mother was trapped with her daughter on fraud of fake job by a subhuman gang. Humanity has reached it’s threshold of monstrous activities for abusing children. But who cares, the higher Authorities are care free because this is not happening with thier children. It’s enough now Imran Khan steps should be taken.

This is so heart breaking and soul wrenching. It started From justice for Zainab and now we have another case justice for Alisha. And until when? Why they don’t punish these monsters publicly and ruthlessly and make an example of them so that no one else would dare to do such thing again? I am speechless.Completely speechless. i am not able to write any word. Just tears in my eyes. This is beyond my comprehension.

Criminals doing crimes against humanity must be excluded from un charter for human rights. I would say that giving rights to criminals of humanity is like taking away the rights of affected. And I am tired of making hash tags on social media for justice for different victims every day and every week. What’s the point of it? Don’t know for how long these tags will trend to awake justice system.

Can you guys take strict action this time Or shall we wait for another lollipop bill drama? Extremely horrifying. Arrest of the main culprit has already taken place but where is the speedy justice? Rafiq Malik, accused of this gruesome crime was arrested on the indication of his mother Tabassum Bibi while the facilitator managed to escape. I am part of this so-called society and I am ashamed, very ashamed.

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