Islamia College Girls Harassment

Islamia College Girls Harassment

Enough is enough and Islamia college girls have come out to protest against the harassment in their university. Boys and staff are also supporting them and their message is strong. This unprecedented unity in the university is a blow of fresh air.

The issue is real and alive. In the so-called Islamic republic of Pakistan girls are not safe not even in the places of instruction and education. Universities, colleges and schools are full of predators and these girls suffer through them on daily basis. Not only on their way to these educational institutes but also within them they feel unsafe and harassed. This is not to say that every one out there is after the but just a generalisation of our society.

That is why it’s so important that we support this protest by the girls and boys of Islamia college and echo their voice to the masses so that authorities take notice and do something about it. We must not take it for granted that it’s a male dominated society and this is just a norm and girls should stay at home. This is not a stone age or middle age. This is a modern time and everyone has to contribute their part to the society.

Today students of Islamia College have arranged a walk against harassment in their University. After amendment in 2010 to Article #509 of PPC harassment in public/working space is legally proscribed & the offender can be punished up to 3 years imprisonment or fined Rs 500,000. Some people are saying that why boys are in those protests by the girls. This is not a good idea according to some. But this is just not true, as tweeted by Sana Ejaz.

Boys must take part and support their sisters. They need to encourage them and protect them. Girls need to be strong and they need to know their rights. They must face hardship and stand up to defend their rights. They must learn to handle this cruel society and defend themselves. That is why it’s imperative that we all should stand with the students of Islamia college and show solidarity with them.

The fascist establishment of Naya Pakistan deliberately and systematically discouraging the Pashtun young and talented female from modern education. That is why I support these girls and I stand by them and salute to these brave souls. One student said that they fear that the perpetrator will respond by suing the students for defamation, as that has become another tool to subjugate them. We need to support these girls.

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