Profile of Mahmood Chaudhry Fiance of Bakhtawar

Profile of Mahmood Chaudhry Fiance of Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar Bhutto is getting engaged to Mahmood Chaudhry on Nov 27 at Bilawal House, Clifton Karachi. The profile of Mahmood Chaudhry fiance of Bakhtawar Bhutto is quite interesting and illustrious as he overnight becomes a celebrity after getting linked to the Bhutto family.

Bakhtawar will be settled in Canada after her marriage as her fiance is Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin. Mahmood Chaudhry is scion of Younas Chaudhry a prominent Pakistani Canadian in Edmonton. Younas Chaudhry is a real estate tycoon in Canada who is self made. Some are saying that Bakhtawar’s engagement is result of a love affair but then it’s all arranged and both families are very happy and satisfied.

Mahmood Chaudhry is a very talented young man who is following the footsteps of his father, who was also a self-made entrepreneur in Canada. Along with the real estate, Chaudhry is also very influential in petroleum business and has also other business interest in Canada and in rest of North America. He also has keen interest in Pakistani business, though he is not into politics at all.

They are hard working people. Mahmood father’s said that he was always a struggler and always tried hard and he carried $30 in his pocket when he arrived in Edmonton, Canada, from a remote village in Pakistan in 1973. Then he progressed due to sheer hard work and perseverance. Bakhtawar is also very talented. Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari has done Masters Honors in English from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Sister of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto.

Now all is set for most important engagement ceremony of this year. Invitations have been extended to guests for the engagement ceremony on November 27, 2020. Journalists, politicians, judges, generals and many others are invited.

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