Judge Sajda Ahmad Harassed By Lawyers

judge sajda ahmad

In her open letter to chief justice of Pakistan Judge Sajda Ahmad harassed by lawyers has said that she is so fed up of the system that if not forbidden she would have committed suicide. That is a strong message and complain from the learned judge and must be taken very seriously.

Additional district and session judge Dr. Sajda Ahmad is from Punjab and well known for her honest, fast, and upright decisions and notes. She has written an open letter to chief justice Lahore high court and also to chief justice of Pakistan and listed down the abuses she has been suffering by the hands of lawyers in the court. She has written that it’s impossible to work in a safe environment for a women in Pakistani judiciary.

She has said that it would be better for her to stay in her own village, take care of cattle, and do chores instead of becoming part of Pakistan judiciary as she then wouldnt have to be subjected to this outrageous and insulting attitude from the lawyers. She complained that lawyers are without any control and harass her and her colleagues on daily basis in the open court room and they have no sense of dignity.

These days Dr. Sajda Ahmad is appointed in Fateh Jang disctrict Attock. Earlier she was in Bhakkar when she was sent there as punishment because she became part of judicial freedom movement by the lawyers and she was not in the good books of Musharraf judges. She now says that she regrets being part of judiciary as there is no point in becoming a judge when you cannot live safely and when you cannot work with self esteem.

She says that lawyers in Punjab have no sense of respect for women. They are always ready to fight and degrade anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their views or who doesn’t subjugate to them. Instead of becoming more responsible, these lawyers have become goons and openly threaten any judge. She also says that why Pakistan bar council and Punjab bar council take action against these lawyers?

This is very alarming situation because if a judge has these complaints then what about us mere-mortals? There should be a law in this regard to curb such behaviours.

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